10 reasons to visit the Philippines

Amazing nature, incredibly friendly people, beautiful beaches, tropical warm weather, cheap country for tourists – these are the Philippines.

Author of photo: Ronnie

Author of photo: Ronnie

A year after that, what i visited Thailand, i set off on the basis of one recommendation to the Philippines. This amazing country instantly hugged me and I knew, that it won’t be my last visit to the Philippines. It’s no secret that tourists are heading in increasing numbers to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Malaysia, than to the Philippines. The question is why? There are several reasons. For example, about Thailand is more information then about Philippines, so people have more information and it mainly in Czech. Some tourists also on the basis of a few articles mistakenly believe that the Philippines is a dangerous country to travel. Furthermore, it may discourage that the Philippines lies even further east than the classic axis of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and even so flights are slightly more expensive. But now, I’ll give you 10 valid reasons why to fly next holiday to the Philippines.


Although the Philippines is among the poor countries, Filipinos have on their faces still smiles and according to different surveys are among the luckiest people in the world.

Author of photo: roger_alcantara

Author of photo: roger_alcantara

Nowhere else in Asia, I’ve never seen such a friendly and hospitable people, such as Filipinos. While riding on a motorcycle in the less tourist places such as Camotes or Siqujior, almost all local peale will salute and waving to you, especially children. Filipinos also love singing and dancing and they are in this very good. Filipinos also expressed a great respect to all tourists. When I was in Philipines entertained with other tourists about the Philippines, so first and foremost always name a great and friendly local people.

2/The wonderful beaches and Islands

Philippine Islands and beaches are among the finest in the world. Really not exaggerating. Probably only a few places in the world can be seen similarly beautiful beaches together.

The Queen of beaches in the Philippines is from many of peaple the White beach of Boracay, which despite the crowds of tourists who every year are heading there,  is still among the 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. And I must say that is quite rightly. However, the Philippines have over 7000 islands, and so it’s certainly not hard to find in the Philippines island according to your tastes. For example, the beautiful and the non crowded beach at Siqijior.

3/The grocery store

The Philippines is also a paradise for those who love shopping.

Mall of asiaGreat shopping in the big department stores in Manila such as SM City North EDSA, reportedly the largest department store in Southeast Asia or in SM Mall of Asia, the second largest shopping mall in the Philippines, located a short distance from Manila airport. A different experience then offer markets in the Philippines, where you will enjoy authentic Asian atmosphere.

4/Flora and Fauna

The Philippines is home to many species of birds, plants, animals and marine organisms.

In the Philippines there are nearly 200 species of mammals. For example, the Philippine tarsier, which is located on Bohol, is the smallest monkey of the world. In Philippines can also be found more than 600 species of birds, more than 300 species of reptiles and amphibians, and at least 400 species of corals. In the Philippines, for example, you can see the whale sharks or even one of the smallest fish in the world (Pandaca pygmea). From the awesome nature of the Philippines, for example, offer the chocolate hills on Bohol, rice terraces in Banaue, or the longest underground river of the world, which is located on Palawan island. You can also climb up to one of the 37 volcanoes, such as Mount Pinatubo, or to the smallest volcano Taal, which is situated a short distance from Manila. In the Philippines, you can also explore the countless caves, visit the many waterfalls and lakes. In short, if you love the nature, you’ll love the Philippines.

5/The weather

A warm tropical weather in the Philippines’s most enjoying tourists between November to March, when it is winter in Europe.

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The Philippines have year-round tropical warm weather and two of the season. The rainy season is between June and November, the most sunny and most heat is then during the Philippine summer between march to may. The sea is very warm all year round in the Philippines between 27-29 degrees. The Philippines is hit by about 20 typhoons a year, mostly in the period between June and November. The weather is very changeable and lately the rapidly changing. About the weather I will write a separate article soon.


I will not write that Filipino food is among the best in the world, so it is not. Filipino restaurant outside the Philippines nor we can find.

Author: fotograie dbgg1979

Author: fotograie dbgg1979

And so that’s why the food that you can taste only in the Philippines, may be one of the reasons to visit the Philippines. Among the top Philippine dishes include Lechon, Pancit, Adobo, food from street stalls and canteens, and more. Besides that belong to the Filipino diet fish, which are really cheap and fresh, many kinds of fresh fruit, and last but not least delicious fruit shakes. Philippine food will be discussed in more detail in a separate article!

7/Cheap alcohol and tobacco

The Philippines is a place where is rum cheaper than beer.

San Madu The Philippines is perfect for a night party, because alcohol, aside from beer is cheaper than in the Czech Republic. Mainly local rum and whiskey. Excellent is Boracay coconut Rhum, which costs around 90 pesos and is sold in a white bottle of 0.70. In the Philippines going to be happy smokers, because the average price of a pack of cigarettes Marlboro here costs about 60 pesos ($ 1,20).

8/ Massage, manicure

As well as in Thailand, also in the Philippines are cheap massage.

Author: lynielavasy

Author: lynielavasy

My favorite here is the one hour for Swedish oil massage for 300 pesos. Massages cost by location and type of massage from 250 to 500 pesos per hour. Also the manicure is very cheap in the Philippines, toenail treatment with paiting here cost in salons around 100 pesos. There is nothing better than having a massage on the beach.


In the Philippines, english is the second official language, and so there is not a problem have chat in english with loco peaple even in non tourist villages.

Author: tirong photos

Author: tirong photos

On 99% of Filipinos knows atleas the basis of English, and so if you know too basis of English, you will surely not have a problem with understanding each other, which is far from to say about other Asian countries. Also interesting is that the Philippines is spoken exclusively in English in Government and also here are some newspapers in English.


Be in the Philippines and dind try never once one of the symbols of the Philippines, or at least have pic of jeepney, it’s like I wasn’t been even in the Philippines.

JeepneyA jeepney in the Philippines have a feature like PUBLIC TRANSPORT as buses. There are, however, no stations, jeepney stops anywhere on his route on a your mark. Jeepney is several kinds of and the larger ones runing also between the villages. To classic jeepney will fit up to 20 people.

Gentlemen must be attributed to the next, the 11th reason-beautiful filipinas girls-pinay. As well  in Thailand also Philippines are favored place for gentlemans from all world, which looking for sex with beatifull loco girls. Angeles City, thats is city of sins in Phillipines!

                                I still didn’t convince You?

                                          This video You perhaps already persuading!

Airline tickets to the Philippines can easily buy the Stewardess or the Queen. Philippines guide books in English, you can buy online here. I‘ll be on the facebook pages of all action tickets info, so feel free to become a fan!. If you liked the article, please share.

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